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Michael Gordon in ═sland


A small collection of color photographs from 1985 and 1986.

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Iceland Click Map

Northeast from Akranes, western ═sland. A view eastward of ReykjavÝk Harbor. The large pale house on the left is H÷f­ih˙s, where Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev held conference in (I think) 1986. A homestead, seen while riding the ferry from ReykjavÝk to Akranes. View to the east.
Downtown ReykjavÝk. AustursrŠti Mall, if I remember correctly. Outdoor chess near the mall. To the left of the image called reyk1.jpg (southwest of the mall) is the lake, Tj÷rnin; which means "The Lake." It is a wonderful place to bring children to feed the ducks and swans.
ReykjavÝk, and all of Iceland, is a very good and safe place for children. Outdoor sculpture is common in ReykjavÝk, and is a bit more sturdy and avant-garde than is found in other Scandinavian nations. Looking northward from the Al■ing (all-thing, or parliament) at merchant and government buildings. Behind me on the other side of Al■ing is the lake, Tj÷rnin.

Wedding Click Map
A view of a lighthouse on Reykjanes (southwest from ReykjavÝk). A waterfall at Ůingvellir (Thing-vell-ear). A rift in the lava protects a grassy valley from wind; making it one of the more pleasant areas. At this place, once each year, hundreds of years ago, a law-speaker recited all of the laws to the assembled people. Also at this gathering were settled disputes between clans.
١risj÷kull. Thor's Glacier. West central iceland, northeast from Reykjavik about two hour's driving. Fissures in the ice.
the road to ١risj÷kull. Vogastapa, near KeflavÝk, southwest from ReykjavÝk. The Lupines are a delight, the air is clear, and thousands of birds come here to nest each summer.

Some definitions:

Smoke or steam
vÝk (veek)
harbor or inlet
Ůing (Thing)
The collection of representatives meeting to govern (Parliament)
A valley or dale.