June 1997 Stereoscopy Magazine

Selections from Stereoscopy Magazine

New President of ISU

Jürgen Horn, President of the International Stereoscopic Union. Photo by Peter Schnehagen.

Scenes from Rolduc, 1997 ISU Congress

Collection of John Dennis photographs

Below, Peter Schnehagen photographs:

Hugo de Wijs. Notice the wonderful collection of stereo viewers. Photograph by Peter Schnehagen

Detail view of a very special Hugo de Wijs Viewmaster Viewer. Photograph by Peter Schnehagen

Hugo de Wijs is arguably one of the few among us whom history will record as a truly significant force in late 20th century stereography. He is notably a builder of scopes of many styles: hand-held; tabletop; floor models; every conceivable format, with every conceivable amenity. His Viewmaster viewer ($500 at Rolduc; $560 at Bellevue) is a knockout that has to be experienced to be believed. I suspect they will achieve classic status, as has his others. His scopes are simply matchless, hand-wrought, gems of beautiful mechanical ingenuity, that cost a fortune and I assume, last forever. Commentary by Marilyn Morton.