1997 December Stereoscopy Magazine

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Table Of Contents and Selected Items

The cover image is inspired by... Well, OK, it isn't inspired yet.

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Table of Contents

2 President's Page

3 Editor's Page

4 The Club Page -- Introducing The Stereoscopic Society by Donald Wratten, President of the Stereoscopic Society, and Marilyn Morton, ISU Club Coordinator

6 Proposal for an ISU Slide Library by Marilyn Morton

9 The Vancouver BC (Canada) Stereo Club Presented by Marilyn Morton

10 Observations of a Complete Novice [cross-eyed viewing] [parallel viewing] by John Skillington

16 Ray Moxom's Camera Comparison Chart

18 Erik Kirshner's 50th Wedding Anniversary by Marilyn Morton

19 Cascade Stereoscopic Club by Shab Levy, presented by Marilyn Morton

20 Salon

22 ISU Pins now available by Judy Fentress

31 Advertisements