Nkkor 18-70mm IF-ED AF-S DX


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This is one of several "kit" lenses that have been offered with the Nikon D200 camera. It is lightweight, optically very sharp at all zoom settings and has considerably less barrel distortion at wide angles as compared to point-and-shoot cameras. It is definately an all-around good working lens (until you get an 18-200mm VR lens which is even better for all-around work).

Letter soup:

  1. AF-S: Auto Focus, Silent Wave
  2. IF-ED: Internal Focus, Extra-low dispersion element. It means that focusing is accomplished by moving a rear lens element, not the whole entire front of the lens. Polarizers don't rotate in other words during focusing.
  3. DX: Smaller image circle intended for use on Nikon DSLR's. DX lenses can be much smaller and lighter than their full-frame counterparts. That means you get more lens for the buck, or less bucks for a lens, depending on your constraints.