Highway 26 and John Day Country, Oregon, USA

Photographs by Michael Gordon, summer of 2003


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If you have extra time to cross Oregon east or west, you can take the road less traveled.  In fact, it appears there's only three roads east-west across Oregon:  Highway 20 (a high desert route through Bend), Highway 26 (mountains alternating with canyon and deserts, through John Day) and of course Interstate 84 which follows the Oregon Trail along the Columbia River and diagonally down to Ontario, Oregon thence to Caldwell and Boise, Idaho.

This is a lengthy slide show with a combined total of 100 images, 84 being photographs and the rest being map sections.  Each map section portrays about 20 miles of road containing the photographs you are about to see. 

Camera is a Nikon 5700 digital camera.  Positioning by Garmin GPS V and Garmin Legend.   As I traveled, most of the time when I make a photo I also hit the waypoint button ("enter") on the GPS to save the time, elevation and location.  The camera is saving the time (and other info) of each photo.  It is then a tedious but not difficult task to match the position info with the photographs.  It would be wonderful if the camera accepted NMEA or GARMIN format data directly from the GPS and stored it in the info.txt file.

Copyrights 'n stuff:  All photographs by Michael G. Gordon, 2003.  You may view, cache, store, archive to other media, print, redistribute, make part of collections, with or without attribution, for sale or otherwise, but don't pretend they are your photographs.  That's the one thing I find annoying.

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