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Topaz Resettlement
Camp aerial photo

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The photo above is an aerial photo of Topaz Resettlement Camp at a scale of 5 meters per pixel. If you click on it, you get a 1 meter per pixel enlargement. The large one is 1.3 megabytes file size so beware, if you have a conventional modem it will take a while to download.

A memorial exists at the northwest corner.  The main entrance is at the top center (north, center).  The arrows merely point at the northeast corner and the southwest corner so you can program your GPS with the boundaries. 

This slide show is 43 Photographs of the Topaz Resettlement Camp, also known as Topaz Internment Camp. This is one of ten camps operated by the War Relocation Agency, 1942-1945, where Japanese immigrants and their families were confined during World War 2.

Topaz is about 15 miles west of Delta, Utah, USA, and a bit north. It was easy enough to find with GPS but many country roads exist out on the desert so there's many ways to get there and even more ways to NOT get there!.

A museum is said to exist in Delta but I have not been to the museum.

News Flash: There is a museum in Delta and a website.

Not much is left. The road grid still exists and the concrete foundation of the barracks still exist at least in 2002. Bricks and nails exist in abundance, also scorpions -- this is no place to be walking around barefoot or with only sandals for protection.

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