Movies of Adak

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Adak and Attu by Russ Marvin


  • Total running time 4 minutes 22 seconds.
  • File size 7.18 megabytes.
  • Requires Windows Media Player version 7.
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  1. Anchorage Terminal
  2. View through plane window -- Allison turboprop engines
  3. View through plane window -- clouds
  4. Adak air terminal outside; inside.
  5. Reeve's Lockheed Electra at Adak
  6. View of Adak (westward) from taxiway
  7. Landing, Arrival and Unloading at Attu
  8. Walking to Attour base camp.
  9. View of Massacre Bay from Casco Cove
  10. WWII shipwreck near Alexai Point
  11. Loran Station Attu
  12. Attour's ATV carrying bikes
  13. ATV - second view
  14. Pushing bikes over snow
  15. Jarmin Pass
  16. Japanese War Memorial on Engineer Hill

Contributed by Russ Marvin on 5/29/2001. Thanks!


 Finger Bay Stream, by Michael Gordon. Approximately one minute duration. Clipped from a two hour video I produced in 1987 or 1988. I am putting the video on CD-ROM's. Eventually I will re-mix and make some CD's for distribution.


 Winter Sports -- Inner Tubing and Snow Cave with Randy G.

March 10 and 11, 1988 up through April 2nd, on the hill west of Mitt Lake but not quite so far as Lake D'Marie. The inner tubing run we made down a hillside, over a jump, and colliding with the wall we built around the snow cave.


Hunting and Fishing expedition.
On the "Mac Attack" to southern Adak. The "Cape St. Elias" set out at the same time, fishing for Halibut. The caribou hunt was not very successful (the hunters got a small one), but the Cape St. Elias pulled in a large halibut, clips of which are shown in this section. The clips are from a 22 minute MPEG-1 movie on CD-ROM. March 12, 1988. The full-size MPEG has excellent quality; you can even see snowflakes falling between the boats. The ASF formats are acceptable and will certainly load quicker. (Update Nov.2003: from Lee Peterson at the helm of the Cape Saint Elias -- The folks on deck are John Martin, LCDR Michael Judd and LNC Steve Settles) Thanks!


P3 engine in flight over the subpolar ice pack (4 seconds) and 2 seconds of the co-pilot twiddling with trim control or something.

Full-Size MPEG-2 (3.3 megabytes, 6 seconds -- remember, RIGHT mouse button and SAVE this file!).


Returning to Adak from the north. Here we see the Lake Andy seawall separating Lake Andy (upper left) from the Bering Sea (lower right). On the right is Mount Moffett, on the left is Mount Adagdak. Everywhere is clouds; but remember, this is a SUNNY DAY on Adak because it is not 100 percent cloud cover.

Full-Size MPEG-2 (12.5 megabytes, 24 seconds)


 Closer to Adak, approaching now from the Northeast. Zeto Point is the landmass in the foreground, Clam Lagoon on the right. Kuluk Bay on the left and Sitkin Sound is the water in the foreground.

Full-Size MPEG-2 (16.3 megabytes, 31 seconds)


 And finally, a view of NSGA (Commsta) Road and Command Car Hill. Kuluk Bay is the water, Mount Moffett in the background. This movie clip is rather shaky caused by the wind updrafts over Zeto Point and turbulence in the vicinity of Mount Moffett.

Full-Size MPEG-2 (5.2 megabytes, 10 seconds)


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