Adak Eagle's Call


The Adak island weekly newsletter. You probably tossed away piles of the things, so did I. The earlier ones were more artistic I think; back when Louise Weaver was the artist (and, sometimes, so was I) decorating the back page. Then came the computer; easy to make words, and artists became almost extinct.

Each issue will be available in two resolutions; 200 dpi fullpage greyscale (large, but captures fine detail), and half-size which is better for online viewing.

Adak Eagles Call, 18 November 1988 Volume 13, Issue 47.

Volume 13, Issue 45, November 4, 1988. 28 pages. Scanned by Michael Gordon (2/2001).

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  1. Weekend fire destroys MWR cabin. Road construction.
  2. Letters to the editor: Let's fix the road to NSGA and Control your Pets.
  3. From the C.O.: Adak Volunteers are the spirit of success. Chaplain Gibson: World Series.
  4. Adak Stars: Comptroller Division wins awards. Marines recognized for good work.
  5. Dressing properly for the tundra; by John Triol. (Excellent essay)
  6. Dressing properly (continued). Halloween children costumes and photos.
  7. More Halloween children.
  8. Last minute voting info. School chooses new head. Hospital billing explained. Health benefits open season.
  9. Adak Sports Highlights: NFL's second half starts with Sunday's action. Standings from the Kuluk. (Kuluk gym).
  10. From the Wild Side: Anthropocentric vs Sentientism vs. Biocentric vs. Holistic. (Guess which one the author of the article prefers)
  11. Recreation Report. Morale, Welfare and Recreation Department.
  12. Kuluk bowling and Library reports.
  13. Husky club lunch advertisement.
  14. Movie schedule.
  15. TV Guide
  16. TV Guide
  17. Publisher's Corner: Complaint about how we answer the phones. Tundra Tavern menu. Kuluk holiday hours.
  18. Classifieds. (You kinda need the huge page to read it, but your friends -- or even you -- might be listed here!)
  19. Voter Info: Michael Dukakis
  20. Voter Info: Lloyd Bentsen
  21. Voter Info: George Bush
  22. Voter Info: Dan Quayle
  23. Voter Info: Peter Gruenstein
  24. Voter Info: Don Young
  25. Voter Info: Fred Zharoff
  26. Voter Info: George Jacko
  27. Voter Info: Daniel James O'Hara
  28. Vote Date Reminder: November 8th.

Volume 14, Issue 3, January 20, 1989. 20 Pages. Scanned by Michael Gordon.

Volume 14, Issue 5, February 3, 1989. 20 Pages. Scanned by Michael Gordon.

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